Many mid-size and large companies have full-time staff to manage their social media accounts. Small business owners may not have the time or resources to tackle a social media campaign, so often it is either done poorly, or not at all. And yet, social media can be a powerful tool for engaging customers and earning their trust and loyalty.

Town Center will provide a dedicated Social Media Account Manager to find your target audience and engage with them through the proper social media channels.

Once a month, your Account Manager will review your reach, performance, social engagement, and target demographic. We will consistently create and modify content that attracts your target audience.

Having a website today is not enough. You have options to Cover Your Town, Work Your Town, or Own Your Town. Let us partner with you to drive customers to your online (or actual) doorstep today!

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We all know younger consumers use social media, but did you know:

  • 55% percent of Americans aged 45-54 now have a social media profile
  • 47% of social media users say that Facebook has a strong impact on their buying decisions
  • 25% of the U.S. population visit social media sites multiple times a day

These are your current and future customers!