Geo – Fence Mobile App Ad

Were you aware that on average consumers spend close to 5 hours per day on their mobile devices? Of that time, 90% is spent browsing within mobile apps. I want to show you how you can reach your target audience based on where they are right now and where they’ve been. This is a new service we are offering that is gaining a lot of increased business for our existing clients, and I want to make sure you are aware of the additional ways we can help to market to your customers.

Using our network of 37,000 mobile apps including premium local and national apps like AP, Pandora, NFL, AccuWeather, Urbanspoon and thousands of its local versions, and more, you can target consumers around your location and/or your competitors locations! In addition, you can target the specific types of customer you’re looking for! For instance, you’re a coffee shop that is trying to expand and retain your customer base. Since we know where a mobile device travels on a daily basis, we’re able to define consumers who have been to specific coffee shops over the past 6 months, ie “Coffee Lovers” and show your mobile ads to only those consumers while they’re at your store, your competitor’s stores, or after they’ve left, in order to bring them back to you! I know it seems crazy, but this technology tracks mobile phones, where they go, how long they stay at a shop, and what they buy. This is a way to get in front of the exact customers that you want to reach, immediately!

So, if we were to display your mobile banner using the parameters I just described, you could reach over 5,000 mobile users over the next 30 days. Take advantage of this program for only $50.00 per month!!!


Which apps will my ad be found on?

Our network consists of only the highest quality digital publishers, both national and local in reach, who create and deliver valuable and timely local content to engaged and active consumers daily. We serve ads to our network of over 37,000 apps, and include Associated Press, Pandora, NFL, AccuWeather, and Urbanspoon.

How does it work?

We find the best target audience that would be most interested in your product or service, like “Affluent Shoppers”, “Frequent Home Store Shoppers”, and many other audience types in addition to the geographic boundary.

What is GEO – Fence?

We establish a geographic boundary, which sends a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

What kind of promotion should I have?

Your promotion should include a relevant call to action such as an offer that will help set you apart from your competition as well as entice a potential client to click to read more.

What kind of return will I receive?

We guarantee that you will receive 5000 impressions every month, that means over 5000 people will see your ad every 30 days. The better your offer and product is, the more clicks, phone calls, and store visits you will receive.

Do I have to be a large business?

No! Of course not. Millions of people use mobile apps, what better way to get your name and business out there? We’ve found that this program provides businesses like yours with much more qualified leads and quicker sales than through ordinary searches.

How long does it take to create?

It will take approximately 48 hours to get your new ad up on the mobile apps. We will send you a confirmation upon completion.

How can I track my stats?

We will set up weekly reporting to be sent to your email on file on Mondays every week

How large of an area can I target?

Typically we will suggest not to target anywhere you aren’t willing to drive to yourself, however It can be set up to 17+ miles around your location. You can speak with your representative to help choose a GEO fence for your business.

What will it look like?